Bring in 2 or more comforters and get $5 off each comforter you bring in!

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Let us Dry Clean your Comforter.

Why Dry Clean your Comforter?


Our machines regulate at a hot temperature enough to kill microorganisms, germs and bacteria found in items such as your bed linens and comforters.


Many comforters and linens are too large to clean in your home washers and dryers, leaving dust mites and more behind because comforters twist, turn, and bunch up during the cleaning.


From organic stains such as blood to fat, grease, and oil, dry cleaners are specialized in removing stains and making bedding look like new.

Who We Are

We have proudly been serving San Antonio for almost 4 decades! Our customer service, high-quality care, and your loyalty have kept us around for so long.

Unlike many other cleaners, we do all of our cleaning in-house. Your clothes never leave our care.


"Do an excellent job and I was very impressed with their prices as well. I Highly recommended Dutch Boy Cleaners..."

-Lana S.

"Very friendly staff, great service, decently priced. Very happy with the end result.”

- Road G.

"My family's home burned down I was able to rescue Mothers WAC uniform from the rubble it was in really bad shape there was mildew from the water used to put out the fire and it smelled horrible they were able to get out most of the mildew stains and all of the smell..."

- Sheila H.

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    3515 Thousand Oaks Dr | San Antonio, Texas

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    The more comforters you bring in, the better the price. Get $5 off each additional comforter.

    Bring in a screenshot of the email you get once you sign up to claim your offer