Damage caused by fire or water can result in wear and tear on your clothing. From the smell of stale smoke to corrosive soot and mold damage, many household disasters can affect your clothes.

At the Dutch Boy Cleaners, we pride ourselves in the ability to restore your textiles and clothing to the state they were before the hazard.


Our Restoration Process

Our Restoration Process

Minor accidents can happen to anyone. An item in storage may have moth holes or water damage, and whatever the issue, Dutch Boy Cleaners will do our best to restore the item, while removing traces of odors and stains along the way.

Before restoration, we estimate and list your damaged clothing and can even detail your statement in a format accepted by insurance companies. The quicker this item is in our hands, the quicker we will be able to restore these garments, so be sure to contact us today.


The Dutch Boy Cleaners Difference

Our main focus is to maintain and uphold a high quality of care from the minute your clothes are in our possession until they are returned to you. From the beginning to the end of the process, quality is the goal.

We are a family-owned business, with the mindset of a traditional Mom & Pop establishment, but with the professional-minded mentality of something bigger and better. We want to give you a courteous, professional, and reliable experience, so you can rest assured that your most prized possessions and most cherished clothing items are in good hands.


  • Family-owned business.
  • 40 years of combined experience.
  • Triple inspection on every garment.

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