Dry Cleaning
Doesn’t Have To
Be Difficult

We have proudly been serving San Antonio for almost 4 decades!

Our customer service, high quality care, and your loyalty have kept us around for so long.

Unlike many other cleaners, we do all of our cleaning in-house.
Your clothes never leave our care.

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What We Do

Our quality is unmatched with any service we provide.

Every garment is hand-finished and triple checked for quality assurance.

1. Expert Dry Cleaning.

Dutch Boy Cleaners uses the newest dry cleaning techniques to clean your garments thoroughly without leaving any “dry cleaning smell” behind.

2. Expert Wet Cleaning.

Wet cleaning done properly can revive an old garment.

5. Wedding Gown Preservation

A wedding dress is one of the most precious possessions of a bride. Have it cleaned and preserved to enjoy for eternity!

4. Laundry Services

Many garments get the best cleaning by being laundered.

3. Hand Finished.

Every garment is hand-finished to ensure the finest quality.

6. Alterations

Your clothes should fit you like a glove. Have your clothes cleaned and altered within the same trip.

7. Comforter and linens

Many comforters and linens are too large to clean at home. Send them in to be cleaned and pressed. Once you sleep on pressed sheets, is hard to go back.

8. Leather and Fur

Leather and fur are investments to make sure they are cleaned by experts.

The Dutch Boy Cleaners Difference

The Dutch Boy Difference is experience, quality and care. In 37 years we’ve learned a thing or two about dry cleaning and customer care.

Your life is hectic enough, let us pick up and deliver your dry cleaning for free.

The quality of our services will speak for itself. Give us a try and experience the Dutch Boy Difference. 


“Very friendly staff, great service, decently priced. Very happy with the end result.”

Road G.


“My family’s home burned down I was able to rescue Mothers WAC uniform from the rubble it was in really bad shape there was mildew from the water used to put out the fire and it smelled horrible they were able to get out most of the mildew stains and all of the smell…”

– Sheila H.


“They do an excellent job and I was very impressed with their prices as well. I Highly recommend Dutch Boy Cleaners…”

– Lana S.

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