Leather & Fur Cleaning

Leather cleaning is a unique process developed to preserve the look and feel of leather and suede clothing. The unique properties of leather, such as its breathability and visible properties such as veins, stains, and markings require exceptional understanding and knowledge for cleaning.

Dutch Boy Cleaners will have your items in immaculate condition and ready to go.


Leather and Fur Cleaning
Our Leather and Fur Cleaning Process

Our Leather and Fur Cleaning Process

Leather/Fur items demand a professional cleaning experience. Our experts know how to properly treat colors, dyes, pigmentation, and construction of the garment and the properties of the various types of leather to prevent damage.

Using water and detergents or other household cleaners can ruin an excellent item that a professional cleaner can swiftly restore.

At Dutch Boy Cleaners, we have the experience and can take care of almost any issue that can arise with leather or fur, including scratches and discoloration. 

The Dutch Boy Cleaners Difference

Our main focus is to maintain and uphold a high quality of care from the minute your clothes are in our possession until they are returned to you. From the beginning to the end of the process, quality is the goal.

We are a family-owned business, with the mindset of a traditional Mom & Pop establishment, but with the professional-minded mentality of something bigger and better. We want to give you a courteous, professional, and reliable experience, so you can rest assured that your most prized possessions and most cherished clothing items are in good hands.

  • Family-owned business.
  • 40 years of combined experience.
  • Triple inspection on every garment.

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