Frequently Asked Questions

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Wet Cleaning Advantages
How much does pick-up and delivery cost?

The price will be exactly the same if you drop off your clothes and pick them up yourself.

Where do I leave my clothes?

You choose the location. Most customers choose to leave them on their front porch, but we will check the location you choose at your home.

Where do you drop off my clothes if I am not home?

We provide a door hook to hang the clothes on. You can put the hook on any door in your house.

I'm used to same-day service.

We come by your home twice a week, so if you leave all your dirty laundry out every day, even if it’s one shirt, we clean your clothes as they become dirty. This helps to avoid needing a large pile of clothes to be cleaned right away.

Can I choose my delivery days?

Your pick up and delivery days are decided according to where you live. Your schedule would either be Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday.

How do I pay?

A credit card is kept on file and automatically billed card the day for clothes are delivered.

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