Dry Cleaning

Despite its name, dry cleaning is a process that uses liquids other than water to clean clothes, bedding, jackets, and other types of fabrics and products.

At times, exposure to water can damage fabrics – namely wool, leather, silk and other delicates. Similarly, washing machines can cause irreversible damage to those fabrics as well, and loosen or damage buttons, laces, sequins and other embellishments.


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Advantages of Dry Cleaning

Advantages of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not only convenient but it also uses a variety of solvents to clean fabrics and help preserve their longevity.

Other advantages include:

  • Removing tough stains
  • Preserving delicate fabrics
  • Professional service with attention to detail
  • Saving time


Our Dry Cleaning Process

1. Garment Tagging

First, each item is tagged with an identification number. This is to ensure the items are returned to the correct owner.

2. Garment Inspection

Each item is inspected for items left in pockets, rips, tears, holes, damages. This is to ensure liability for us.

3. Pre-treatment for Stains

Each item is inspected for stains in order to address during the solvent-cleaning process. It’s helpful to let the cleaners know what caused the stains to get the best results from the stain removal process.

4. Machine Dry Cleaning

Clothes are loaded into a machine and cleaned with a water-free chemical solvent. The clothes are then drained of the solvent – which is then filtered and recycled to rinse with a fresh solvent to remove any last remains of soil.

5. Post Spotting

Sometimes, stains are not fully removed during the cleaning process. These are then treated with steam, water or even a vacuum in order to remove remaining traces.

6. Finishing

The garment then becomes ready to wear after steaming, pressing, reattaching buttons, and completing repairs. Then they are returned to you in a much more desirable state than when you brought them in!

The Dutch Boy Cleaners Difference

We are a family-owned business, with the mindset of a traditional Mom & Pop establishment, but with the professional-minded mentality of something bigger and better.

Our main focus is to maintain and uphold a high quality of care from the minute your clothes are in our possession until they are returned to you. From the beginning to the end of the process, quality is the goal.


  • Family-owned business.
  • 40 years of combined experience.
  • Triple inspection on every garment.

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