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About Dutch Boy Cleaners



The Dutch Boy Cleaners story starts in 1982. I was 32 and driving on Nacogdoches Road and saw a vacant convenience store. I thought; “What a great location for a dry cleaners”.

I borrowed $50,000 from Northside Bank at 22% interest. I really did not care about the interest rate, all I cared about was making the cleaners successful.

Many days I worked from 4am until 7pm, some weeks I worked 100 hours. I was 40 when I finally figured it out. The result of all those years of hard work is “The Dutch Boy Difference”.

“The Dutch Boy Difference” is all about taking care of the little things, triple inspection of all garments, replacing broken buttons, making minor repairs and restoring the garment to a like new condition.

Dry Cleaning Kills 99% of Viruses & Bacteria

A dry cleaning cycle using high heat, is a very effective way to remove germs from clothing. Why? Multilayered dry heat has been found to kill microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses, capable of causing disease that can often be found on fabrics.

The Dry cleaning processes and pressing of items using steam heat reaching 160 degrees Fahrenheit has been proved to kill germs and viruses. The high heat exposure from a professional laundry service – around 160 degrees Fahrenheit – has been found to consistently and effectively disinfect by eliminating germs, including viruses and bacteria, from clothing. Your washer and dryer at home simply can’t handle these extreme temperatures.