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Expert Dry Cleaning

Dutch Boy Cleaners has highly trained and experiences Cleaners and spotters. These individuals understand that clothes do reflect the person. They do their best to clean your garments in a manner that provides the best results. There is no one size fits all approach to quality garment care. Each garment is inspected for stains checked for unusual ornamentation or care instructions and then cleaned by the most appropriate means possible. The end result is a good as new garment ready for the pressing and finishing department.

In the pressing and finishing department, the expert finishers have a wide variety of pressing equipment to properly finish each individual garment in the way the manufacturer intended the garment to be pressed. Cotton blouses need one kind of press, silk dresses need another press, suit coats need a special press and Dutch Boy cleaners has all of these specialized presses and then some to make your clothing look it's best. The Dutch Boy Difference- We consistently provide you the best in dry cleaning.

Hand Finished Shirt Laundry

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Many cleaners just flat get it wrong when it comes to cleaning and finishing their customer's shirts. At Dutch Boy, we do not cut any corners period! Many cleaners use regular store bought soap and wash only in cold water. At Dutch Boy, we only use the best available engineered detergents and we use more than one kind of these specialized detergents. Some of these detergents have particular enzymes that break down the soils in your shirts and we use different detergents for different water temperatures and different colored wash loads. Our multiple "Smart Washing machines" incorporate computer controlled water temperatures and water levels for superior clean ability. The bottom line is that your shirts are as clean as they possibly can be with Dutch Boy's laundry department. Once cleaned, your shirts are then finished on the latest in commercial shirt finishing equipment. After that, they are hand finished by the best finishers in the business. Dutch Boy inspectors then implement the Exclusive Button Service after the shirts are finished. The inspectors check each and every button on each and every shirt. If they find a missing or damaged button, they replace it with a button that matches as close as possible. The Dutch Boy Difference - We consistently provide you with the best-looking Shirts.

Expert Wet Cleaning

This cleaning method is not used by most drycleaners. Most drycleaners will wash your clothing in a washing machine with water or they will dry clean your clothing in a dry cleaning machine. At Dutch Boy, we use both of those methods and then we go above and beyond your regular drycleaner. There are a great number of your garments that can be dry cleaned or laundered however, dry cleaning or laundering may not be what is best for your particular garment. Many garments are delicate or have unusual fabrics or ornamentation. These garments can look there best with wet cleaning. Wet cleaning is related to traditional washing in water except the agitation and spinning are removed and the detergents are designed with this in mind. The Dutch Boy Difference - We do whatever it takes to clean your clothing properly and make you look great.

Dutch Boy Cleaners


Dutch Boy Cleaners has everything you need when it comes to alterations. Our alterations staff is ready and capable of all your alteration needs from minor mending to major repairs. Also as a valued customer, when our inspectors notice a minor tear or loose seam, our alterations department will mend these minor things free as part of our service to you. The Dutch Boy Difference - We will go the extra mile to take care of your clothing.

Bedspreads, Comforters & Linens

Dutch Boy cleaners is the place to bring your household goods to be cleaned and cared for. We have all the right equipment and cleaning solutions to properly care for your comforters, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins, dust ruffles, pillow shams and other household textiles. They will leave our care fresh and clean. The Dutch Boy Difference - We make your life easier when we care for your household goods.

Leather, Furs & Suede

We at Dutch Boy Cleaners have teamed up with San Antonio's best specialists in the care of these highly sensitive garments. For your convenience we will accept these garments and act as your representative and send them to be cleaned with our leather, fur and suede specialist. The results are always beautiful otherwise we would not team up with this company. The Dutch Boy Difference - We make your life more convenient with our one stop source for all your garment care needs.

Other Cleaning Service

In addition to the services above Dutch Boy cleaners also provides the following

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