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Discover The Dutch Boy Difference

Most companies start out as a single store. Dutch Boy Cleaners started out with one store more that 26 years ago. From day one, customers noticed something different about their experience with Dutch Boy. It was the friendly helpful Customer Service Representatives. It was the stain or spot that was no longer on their garment. It was the crisp beautifully pressed shirt. It was the silk blouse perfectly pressed and on it's specialized hanger. It was all of these things and much more that set Dutch Boy Cleaners apart from the other cleaners. It was all these things together each and every time a customer came by that created a demand for old fashioned honest and dependable high quality service.

As word spread of the superb Dutch Boy service and quality, we added another store and then another until we had eight locations. At that point we needed a much larger plant to continue the produce the best possible dry cleaning and laundry. We built a new state of the art plant containing all the specialized equipment to provide our customers the quality they expect and deserve. Instead of a single dry cleaning machine for all garments, we have three: one for whites, one for lights and one for dark colors. This guarantees that you will never have a dull looking white blouse and no possibility of a darker color bleeding onto a lighter one. The new plant allowed us even more room to really specialize in proper cleaning methods. For example, a blouse or pair of pants can be drycleaned or laundered or wet cleaned. The professional cleaners at Dutch boy examine the garment and then determine the best possible cleaning method for that particular item. They may choose wet cleaning, which is the cleaning of a garment in water without the harsh tumbling and spinning of a regular washer. Most of our customers don't care what we do to make their clothing look so great they just notice that there is a difference when they wear their favorite blouse or dress when they use Dutch Boy as their drycleaner. That led us to expanding to our current 11 locations in and around San Antonio.

Dutch Boy Cleaners store and drive-thru

No matter which of the 11 locations you choose, you will experience the Dutch Boy Difference. The difference you feel when your dry cleaner truly appreciates your business and will constantly provide your clothing the respect and care it needs to last you a long time. The difference you notice in the way your clothing looks because of the highly trained cleaners, finishers and inspectors that give a 100%. We can tell you so many things that separate us form the rest of the cleaners in San Antonio but that doesn't matter to you. We understand that you want your clothing to be beautifully pressed and ready to wear, to be on time and to be hassle free. The best way we can show you the Dutch Boy Difference is for you to stop by one of our locations and give us a try. Once you won't want to go to any other drycleaner again.